béthemont le verger des perruches – spring i

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  • This panorama is of the “Verger des Perruches” (an orchard) near the village of Béthemont La Forêt and was taken in the brief period when the trees were in blossom. The pear trees are over 100 years old and are some of the few remaining fruit trees in the area which formerly had a large number of orchards. These have given way to intensive agriculture which grows mainly maize, wheat and sugarbeet.

    The stone cabin has been restored and is used occasionally as a shelter for boar hunters during the hunting season. Both boar and roe deer are widespread in the Forêt de Montmorency; recent years have seen a large increase in the boar population which has led to annual culls organised by the national forestry commission (Office National des Forêts). 


Lens EF24-105 f/4 L at 35mm (56mm); Handheld

This panorama is stitched from 7 images using Hugin and KRPano. The cropped panorama is 14405×4253 (61.3MP) and is best viewed in fullscreen mode.